To provide the best service possible, we offer all of the following under same flat 5% rate. This means no overhead for you. We don’t make money until you do! And, unlike in-house staff, you don’t have to worry about sick days or trainings.

Medical Billing
EMBS offers prompt, thorough billing that’s easy for you to manage!

After your patient visit is complete, simply submit charges via a fee slip to us. We review the slip for proper coding and make any necessary changes then bill the patient’s insurance company. We also follow-up to make sure payment arrives and is correct.

When the insurance payment is received, we post the payment and follow-up with the patient should there be a balance assigned to the patient. If collection is necessary, we can follow-up with the patient to set payment schedule and check in until the account is paid.

In addition to checking for proper coding on all forms, we also offer coding consultations at no addition cost, and we can review your fee schedule. Our goal is to support streamlining your business so that it runs effectively and efficiently.

Many of our clients are small businesses who opt not to hire front desk help. If this is your situation, we can perform your patient benefit checks. We are here for you, and can perform any and all of the responsibilities you would expect from an on-site employee!

When you are in-network with insurance companies, your patients are offered better coverage – but this process of getting credentialed can be daunting! With EMBS, we will take care of all the paperwork and the hassles to get you in-network with the insurance companies you choose. We will also oversee your re-credentialing.

Practice Management Software
Depending on your needs, our flat rate includes use of our Practice Management Software. If you want, you can use this program to house your scheduling, inventory, and patient demographics. You can also easily log on to see the billing records for any of your clients at any point along the claim and payment pathway. Our system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Management of patient scheduling can be very time consuming! For an add-on fee, we can also operate as the scheduling service and work within your system. Please contact us to discuss how our on-call scheduling can best work with your company needs.

EMBS is a HIPAA Compliant Billing Company